Mr Reindeer

Mr Reindeer- The Ideal Companion!

1st Day After Christmas- or Boxing Day!

All is slow and peaceful….whilst reflecting on The Kingdom of Heaven (great cast!) with a large glass of Martini in my hands….life is at a standstill..sitting on the sofa, surrounded by amiable company, lots of chat: some serious and some bantering, opening presents (that`s my best part!), gossip and some good advice..a pleasant walk in the wintry UK countryside..dvds and games!

Nothing better in life, than being at home and just relaxing and feeling Christmassy and of course, seeing Mr M excel in the kitchen, whilst I try to be the perfect hostess…Yeah, a few more days of this please!!


Christmas Budgeting!

Christmas Budgeting!

Christmas Spending!

Yes, I`ve said it! It looks quite Scroogey really but it`s of a paramount importance in my opinion, otherwise you`ll end up with January Blues!!

Recently, I came across an article in one of the ladies`magazines and it featured several women (non-celebs). There was a story about each one with a photo of each one of them. The article  discussed their approach to Christmas preparations and also how they plan and budget for Christmas! It never really occurred to me to set a Christmas budget and I`m never sure how much I spend for Christmas, so I thought it was a good article and made quite a lot of sense, in these austere times and would demonstrate my new managing-wife skills!

It was quite interesting that one of the women spent  £20k whilst another one only a thrifty £157!  The lady who spent the most, looked very normal and not extravagant-looking (though she was a successful business woman). I mean this is in a good way of course and also all the rest were well-dressed and you could not really guess how much they spend by just looking at them!

Anyway, I am collecting all receipts to see how much my Christmas expenses work out to be- this year I am into entertaining guests and not so much gift-buying but anyway it`s worth a try. I hope I won`t score as much ast the 20k lady- that would give Mr M a sure heart-attack but I already know that I won`t score as low at the one who spent £157!

THE IDEAL Christmas gift!

My Self-Christmas Pressie 2011!

My Self-Christmas Pressie 2011!

This may be a little cliche`- so many articles in magazines and newspapers  written at this time of the year, geared at customers trying to choose a gift for others (and for oneself). So I say, there are some basic rules which one needs to know before they set off to Christmas shopping:

1. Before you go out shopping or start your online search, you need to have a list of gifts you are going to buy.

2.Divide the list into appropriate sections- relatives, close and not so close, friends, partners, children, work colleagues etc.

3. Set a budget for each gift- min price and max price and this is final.

4. Then proceed to the shops or browse the net.

5. As you search, you may find that you can easily grab that particular item you were thinking of and the shopping goes really smoothly- however this may not be the case for every single gift.

6. If you can`t decide what to give him or her, then visualize the person, in the ambient you know him/her. Think of any recent conversations and what they had in their house or office when you last visited. Does the person dress in a particular way? Does the person have any particular likes/activities? What about gift vouchers? All these are tips which come in handy whilst selecting the ideal and dare I say likeable gift- at least this is what I do!

7. Don`t forget to buy a little something for yourself whilst you are doing the Christmas shopping, in case you don`t get any Christmas gifts this year!- I have already bought my own special Christmas pressie- A Kindle!

PS 1 I hope Mr M does not forget my present- I have not even bought his either but have come up with a little plan this week! 🙂

PS 2 This is not the actual photo of my kindle but it looks like this exactly!

8 days before Christmas!

The Christmas Wreath 2011

This morning- weekly supermarket shop! Gosh! I believe that people lose their humanity with no sense of a Christmas spirit- the shop floor becomes Battle of the Trolleys grounds! Nasty men shout at women to ‘come on and move away from there’ if they are chatting merrily in an aisle (which is perfectly true- people should not really block an aisle but there is a polite way to address people!).Mothers with an army of pushchairs and babies are like an island in the middle of the swarming trolley-force and then you get the grabbing and shoving!

So, with that experience over,  I decided I needed some cheering up- must admit, although I`m a shopaholic, I am not a big fan of supermarket shopping and I am one of those people who uses online shopping quite often (especially when I`m working)- the drawback is that they substitute with stuff which is useless for you!

Anyway, I was determined to get myself a nice wreath for our front door! Having driven home and placed all my items in their right place, I set out to the weekly market and found my wreath finally! Then, using a little imagination, I decided to add a little artistic whiff to complete its look and now it`s exhibited on our front door- hope no one pinches it though! 😦

Wedding Photos

A Little Wedding Memento

Today, whilst it was snowing merrily outside and I was so happy to be in my cosy little house I decided to do a little task, which admittedly has been at the back of my mind for several weeks now (since the wedding day really!), so I decided to be brave and take the bull by its horns…my Herculean mission was to go through a CD of 500 photos depicting the precious moments of our wedding..the preparation, ceremony and reception and choose the best 140 for enlargement and incorporation into the wedding album.

My task was to go through each and every one of them and ask myself ” Do I really wants this in my wedding album?- how will it look, 3 times the actual size of this current pic?” So, I started around midday and did not stop until 9pm!! And all I yearn for just now, after my task has been successfully completed (although there are still finishing touches to made and an article to write about my wedding, which has been accepted in a wedding mag- yipee!)…anyway, all I want is a nice glass of port and a mince-pie, or maybe two!

This is the start of a new life as a married woman!

So, it`s been a month and a half now, my lovely wedding to my beloved Mr M. We got married in a memorable ceremony on the Island of Malta, followed by a reception in a renovated 16th century palace with family and close friends. After, we sailed the skies to Singapore and Southern Thailand!

It was so amazing! Lush forests, shimmering waters,  so warm and pleasant to bathe in. The friendly locals, always ready to help and of course the interesting Tuk-Tuk!!  We also fed and took care of gentle giants- such a pleasurable sensation to be around them- the Thai elephants in Khao Sok National Park- the experience of a lifetime!

Post-honeymoon phase, we`re back in the UK- cold and dull and such a shock from the 28oC we had got used to!!

The serious bits starts now- thoughts about the future of us as man and wife. And then there`s the perhaps obvious question:

How should we tackle married life?  What is the secret ingredient for a ‘happily ever after and beyond?’

What is married life really about?- being there for each other everyday- renewing the love with new ideas, surprises- keeping it all aflame!

Here it starts and I hope it will progress and strengthen as we go along through this new life-journey, this married life!

A poem written to commemorate my honeymoon and precious happy days….


Jade, lush green

Reigns supreme,

Generating an exquisite trance,

An ephemeral quality,

Displaced from the daily strife,

Opening the jaws,

Of an unclaimed jungle,

A planned escape-

Neatly executed… indeed an altered state

Meets the mind,

Captivating the soul,

Wooing with childish fantasies

A fertile,

Abounding scene,

Obliterating anything obscene.