This is the start of a new life as a married woman!

So, it`s been a month and a half now, my lovely wedding to my beloved Mr M. We got married in a memorable ceremony on the Island of Malta, followed by a reception in a renovated 16th century palace with family and close friends. After, we sailed the skies to Singapore and Southern Thailand!

It was so amazing! Lush forests, shimmering waters,  so warm and pleasant to bathe in. The friendly locals, always ready to help and of course the interesting Tuk-Tuk!!  We also fed and took care of gentle giants- such a pleasurable sensation to be around them- the Thai elephants in Khao Sok National Park- the experience of a lifetime!

Post-honeymoon phase, we`re back in the UK- cold and dull and such a shock from the 28oC we had got used to!!

The serious bits starts now- thoughts about the future of us as man and wife. And then there`s the perhaps obvious question:

How should we tackle married life?  What is the secret ingredient for a ‘happily ever after and beyond?’

What is married life really about?- being there for each other everyday- renewing the love with new ideas, surprises- keeping it all aflame!

Here it starts and I hope it will progress and strengthen as we go along through this new life-journey, this married life!

A poem written to commemorate my honeymoon and precious happy days….


Jade, lush green

Reigns supreme,

Generating an exquisite trance,

An ephemeral quality,

Displaced from the daily strife,

Opening the jaws,

Of an unclaimed jungle,

A planned escape-

Neatly executed… indeed an altered state

Meets the mind,

Captivating the soul,

Wooing with childish fantasies

A fertile,

Abounding scene,

Obliterating anything obscene.


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