Wedding Photos

A Little Wedding Memento

Today, whilst it was snowing merrily outside and I was so happy to be in my cosy little house I decided to do a little task, which admittedly has been at the back of my mind for several weeks now (since the wedding day really!), so I decided to be brave and take the bull by its horns…my Herculean mission was to go through a CD of 500 photos depicting the precious moments of our wedding..the preparation, ceremony and reception and choose the best 140 for enlargement and incorporation into the wedding album.

My task was to go through each and every one of them and ask myself ” Do I really wants this in my wedding album?- how will it look, 3 times the actual size of this current pic?” So, I started around midday and did not stop until 9pm!! And all I yearn for just now, after my task has been successfully completed (although there are still finishing touches to made and an article to write about my wedding, which has been accepted in a wedding mag- yipee!)…anyway, all I want is a nice glass of port and a mince-pie, or maybe two!


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