8 days before Christmas!

The Christmas Wreath 2011

This morning- weekly supermarket shop! Gosh! I believe that people lose their humanity with no sense of a Christmas spirit- the shop floor becomes Battle of the Trolleys grounds! Nasty men shout at women to ‘come on and move away from there’ if they are chatting merrily in an aisle (which is perfectly true- people should not really block an aisle but there is a polite way to address people!).Mothers with an army of pushchairs and babies are like an island in the middle of the swarming trolley-force and then you get the grabbing and shoving!

So, with that experience over,  I decided I needed some cheering up- must admit, although I`m a shopaholic, I am not a big fan of supermarket shopping and I am one of those people who uses online shopping quite often (especially when I`m working)- the drawback is that they substitute with stuff which is useless for you!

Anyway, I was determined to get myself a nice wreath for our front door! Having driven home and placed all my items in their right place, I set out to the weekly market and found my wreath finally! Then, using a little imagination, I decided to add a little artistic whiff to complete its look and now it`s exhibited on our front door- hope no one pinches it though! 😦


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