THE IDEAL Christmas gift!

My Self-Christmas Pressie 2011!

My Self-Christmas Pressie 2011!

This may be a little cliche`- so many articles in magazines and newspapers  written at this time of the year, geared at customers trying to choose a gift for others (and for oneself). So I say, there are some basic rules which one needs to know before they set off to Christmas shopping:

1. Before you go out shopping or start your online search, you need to have a list of gifts you are going to buy.

2.Divide the list into appropriate sections- relatives, close and not so close, friends, partners, children, work colleagues etc.

3. Set a budget for each gift- min price and max price and this is final.

4. Then proceed to the shops or browse the net.

5. As you search, you may find that you can easily grab that particular item you were thinking of and the shopping goes really smoothly- however this may not be the case for every single gift.

6. If you can`t decide what to give him or her, then visualize the person, in the ambient you know him/her. Think of any recent conversations and what they had in their house or office when you last visited. Does the person dress in a particular way? Does the person have any particular likes/activities? What about gift vouchers? All these are tips which come in handy whilst selecting the ideal and dare I say likeable gift- at least this is what I do!

7. Don`t forget to buy a little something for yourself whilst you are doing the Christmas shopping, in case you don`t get any Christmas gifts this year!- I have already bought my own special Christmas pressie- A Kindle!

PS 1 I hope Mr M does not forget my present- I have not even bought his either but have come up with a little plan this week! 🙂

PS 2 This is not the actual photo of my kindle but it looks like this exactly!


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