Christmas Budgeting!

Christmas Budgeting!

Christmas Spending!

Yes, I`ve said it! It looks quite Scroogey really but it`s of a paramount importance in my opinion, otherwise you`ll end up with January Blues!!

Recently, I came across an article in one of the ladies`magazines and it featured several women (non-celebs). There was a story about each one with a photo of each one of them. The article  discussed their approach to Christmas preparations and also how they plan and budget for Christmas! It never really occurred to me to set a Christmas budget and I`m never sure how much I spend for Christmas, so I thought it was a good article and made quite a lot of sense, in these austere times and would demonstrate my new managing-wife skills!

It was quite interesting that one of the women spent  £20k whilst another one only a thrifty £157!  The lady who spent the most, looked very normal and not extravagant-looking (though she was a successful business woman). I mean this is in a good way of course and also all the rest were well-dressed and you could not really guess how much they spend by just looking at them!

Anyway, I am collecting all receipts to see how much my Christmas expenses work out to be- this year I am into entertaining guests and not so much gift-buying but anyway it`s worth a try. I hope I won`t score as much ast the 20k lady- that would give Mr M a sure heart-attack but I already know that I won`t score as low at the one who spent £157!


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