Magic of Hand Blenders

Butternut Squash Soup

A wintry filler!

Last weekend in January…perhaps there`s some hope of sunshine and general dry days…we`ll see!!

Meanwhile, Mr M and I have decided to ensure that our intake of food is sensible and as fresh and hand-made as possible, so we have committed ourselves to Sunday being the day when we cook for most of the week. Today it was my turn and I made a butternut squash soup which I had served as part of the NYE repertoire..and since it was a great hit with our friends, I decided to make it once more…however with a few key changes: I added potatoes, garlic, chilli powder, curry powder and cumin, in addition to the ingredients listed in the recipe.

You can find the link here and judge for yourself, whether my additions make sense or not:

Well, the experiment was successful!! Mr M liked it..I have added more cream (light) than in the recipe though (mainly not to discard the rest of the cream in the bin!)..and here is the final result..of course, one can only appreciate the magic of having a hand-blender which smoothens the chunks of butternut squash and potatoes into a beautiful, uniformly velvety texture and the pumpkin seeds and croutons, make it divine!!


Strange Affair…

Himself, The Duck!

Himself, The Handsome Duck!

So this week, whilst I was going about my day, flitting around from one thing to the next, minding my own business, I come across a duck..and what a duck!

Incredible colours and a piercing glance..fierce and proud! Have to say…..he (couldn`t possibly have been a female!) threw me a bit…kept on eyeing me intently…and I kept looking at him too. Tried to get a pic of him, with his long neck and wonderful eyes, but everytime I took a shot, he quickly hid his head in his feathers..on purpose of course!!

Such mesmerizing colours! I`m sure he was human in some other life, perhaps of noble origins!

Does anyone know what species of duck he is? Hope he`s magical and will bring me lots of luck!

Domestic Affairs!

Another week flown by…well not exactly..each day rolled away one by one…loads of work and then weekend!

So, today, in order to distance myself from the bitter January cold, long  weary days and light years way from any holiday(s), I just need a spot of mirth..something to uplift my I`ll hopefully add some colour to your day too! Here goes:

Soon after our wedding and honeymoon, I was intent on investing my time to be Mr M`s wife and a splendid hostess. I was intent on gaining max marks from the influx of guests who we were going to entertain for  Christmas and New Year festivities. However, one day whilst I was toiling away just before some relatives came over I noticed a dripping bathroom tap…I decided to tighten it, and I did so, until I lost the will to live and since none of my manoeuvres actually helped…in actual fact the dripping intensity actually increased, I jumped into action and got hold of every single plastic bucket and tub I could find.

My consternation grew as the hours flew and in a very panicky voice I called the agency. A very calm lady on the other end of the phone said, “Oh madam, you must turn off the stopcock!”..Right! I set out to discover where this stopcock might me…turned off all the taps in the no avail and then went to the kitchen and looked under the sink..voila`! I was greeted with a plethora of cunning-looking taps, all different shapes and sizes.  I turned off the nearest one or was that on!! Oh Gosh! I was hit by a blast of water.. so spluttering and off the panic scale now, trying to wipe off the deluge and limit the damage….I quickly recovered and turned it off but none of the other taps seemed to do the trick. Anyway, in the end, a lady from the agency in tight skirt and 5 inch heels came strutting to the door, went calmly to the kitchen and with a decisive twist (and some extra effort) she turned THE STOPCOCK off and the bathroom tap stopped leaking. Hurray!!..some 4 buckets later!!!

Really, that was my very first mishap as a married woman! Of course, when hubby came back from work, he very calmly pointed to the now, very well-known stopcock and remarked..”Well, thats the stopcock!”

I  must say that during the festive season, as well as having our guests, we also had loads of grub…good stuff..with all the meat dishes being taken care of by my very capable hubby (and a little Jamie Oliver help!). I was in charge of starters and desserts..and I must say that all our guests were very content and satisfied, especially  when I served my very own, killer trifle…and if you`re wondering how it can see it in this post!!

My Killer Trifle!
My Killer Trifle!

Of Blogs and Life!

A butterfly is like life, precious and very fragile

A butterfly is like life, precious and very fragile

Had some thoughts re this blog and some active discussion with others. Some people think that a blog is a waste of time..or else, you need to write about something totally out of this world, even weirdy-type of stuff. Mr M thinks hat no one is interested to read about someone becoming someone else`s wife…its unoriginal! 😦

So I did some research and  had a look at other blogs- some bloggers are really artistic, they write well and have very original blogs with some good advice too. There`s a blog which suits everyone`s tastes really. My personal favourites are the ones which discuss travels. The photography in these is really vibrant too.

Yes, the competition is tough out there…especially when bloggers are students and spend hours on pimping their blogs with artistic genius- I have very limited time to blog (though I`m determined to keep my once a week minimum NY resolution), but when I do, I`ll promise I will write about something of essence, which may or may not appeal to people out there- I`m not seeking to gain 500,000 followers (though if it happens, I`ll be well pleased!), but I just want to write about my journey in this new wifehood, in this 21st century- about the challenges we will face and how we affront life as a wedded couple in this day and age. It is a legacy I hope to leave behind, when one day I`ll be no more!

New Year Resolutions

NY resolutions…undoubtedly, they need to be mentioned, within the first week of the new year. Most people also decide they want to do something different at the the start of the year, buy a new car, change house, get married, go away on a long trip, write a book or a blog! etc. I have come up with a few NY resolutions, which I do hope I will keep up…here goes..

1. Now that I have this new blog, I want to update it, at least once a week. Everytime I update it, there should be a pic or some inspiring verses to go with it. Hopefully, people will contribute too with positive comments!

2. Home is home-if I bring work home, it should not put extra stress on me and definitely not affect my mood- biggest challenge ever!!

3. Do 30 mins of aerobic exercise, everyday!

Anyway, three little NY resolutions..nothing major,but the challenge has begun!

Ah, we need to put the Christmas decorations away but I  solidly refuse to do so today…will leave them for another week!! Will miss my Mr Reindeer and Mr Snowman!!!

Mr Snowman

Mr Snowman

The New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012 the New Year has just begun..first 5 days have already swept by! The prospect of another year of gruelling work, constant stress and austere measures paint a hideous spectre by the media propoganda…..It`s hot on the press…we`re up to our necks wedged in a muddy recession with millions of people borrowing money on a daily basis just to cover their daily expenses… but hey, I want to rebel against all this darkness and throw a bunch of flowers in the air and shout STOP!!!!! an antithesis…we`re beginning a new year, where everything may be possible- things can actually get better in life, and we also should do better ourselves, as doing good is a positive experience for the giver as well as the receiver and people are so thirsty for some proper good news instead of this constant wrapping on about the acute bleakness and misery!

So with this spirit, I suggest that you look back at 2011 and jot down, month by month, what positive experiences you have had- how your life was enlightened in a minor or major way…and also your plans for 2012- what you would like to achieve, little things and other larger ones… this is a little exercise I used to do when I was single which always made me feel positive and full of hope and now with my hubby I have 2 lists- things I have achieved alone and with him. And this is the key, embracing what life gives us with an open mind and heart and not being afraid to set our own trends instead of following dumb-witted celebs who although are swimming in money and can do so much good with it, lack basic common sense and squander their goods on frivolousness and nothingness!!!

A little philosophical message from me with this new blog which I hope to keep up in 2012 and a small gift (see pic) for the eyes and soul…once again, have a GREAT year everyone!