The New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012 the New Year has just begun..first 5 days have already swept by! The prospect of another year of gruelling work, constant stress and austere measures paint a hideous spectre by the media propoganda…..It`s hot on the press…we`re up to our necks wedged in a muddy recession with millions of people borrowing money on a daily basis just to cover their daily expenses… but hey, I want to rebel against all this darkness and throw a bunch of flowers in the air and shout STOP!!!!! an antithesis…we`re beginning a new year, where everything may be possible- things can actually get better in life, and we also should do better ourselves, as doing good is a positive experience for the giver as well as the receiver and people are so thirsty for some proper good news instead of this constant wrapping on about the acute bleakness and misery!

So with this spirit, I suggest that you look back at 2011 and jot down, month by month, what positive experiences you have had- how your life was enlightened in a minor or major way…and also your plans for 2012- what you would like to achieve, little things and other larger ones… this is a little exercise I used to do when I was single which always made me feel positive and full of hope and now with my hubby I have 2 lists- things I have achieved alone and with him. And this is the key, embracing what life gives us with an open mind and heart and not being afraid to set our own trends instead of following dumb-witted celebs who although are swimming in money and can do so much good with it, lack basic common sense and squander their goods on frivolousness and nothingness!!!

A little philosophical message from me with this new blog which I hope to keep up in 2012 and a small gift (see pic) for the eyes and soul…once again, have a GREAT year everyone!


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