New Year Resolutions

NY resolutions…undoubtedly, they need to be mentioned, within the first week of the new year. Most people also decide they want to do something different at the the start of the year, buy a new car, change house, get married, go away on a long trip, write a book or a blog! etc. I have come up with a few NY resolutions, which I do hope I will keep up…here goes..

1. Now that I have this new blog, I want to update it, at least once a week. Everytime I update it, there should be a pic or some inspiring verses to go with it. Hopefully, people will contribute too with positive comments!

2. Home is home-if I bring work home, it should not put extra stress on me and definitely not affect my mood- biggest challenge ever!!

3. Do 30 mins of aerobic exercise, everyday!

Anyway, three little NY resolutions..nothing major,but the challenge has begun!

Ah, we need to put the Christmas decorations away but I  solidly refuse to do so today…will leave them for another week!! Will miss my Mr Reindeer and Mr Snowman!!!

Mr Snowman

Mr Snowman


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