Of Blogs and Life!

A butterfly is like life, precious and very fragile

A butterfly is like life, precious and very fragile

Had some thoughts re this blog and some active discussion with others. Some people think that a blog is a waste of time..or else, you need to write about something totally out of this world, even weirdy-type of stuff. Mr M thinks hat no one is interested to read about someone becoming someone else`s wife…its unoriginal! 😦

So I did some research and  had a look at other blogs- some bloggers are really artistic, they write well and have very original blogs with some good advice too. There`s a blog which suits everyone`s tastes really. My personal favourites are the ones which discuss travels. The photography in these is really vibrant too.

Yes, the competition is tough out there…especially when bloggers are students and spend hours on pimping their blogs with artistic genius- I have very limited time to blog (though I`m determined to keep my once a week minimum NY resolution), but when I do, I`ll promise I will write about something of essence, which may or may not appeal to people out there- I`m not seeking to gain 500,000 followers (though if it happens, I`ll be well pleased!), but I just want to write about my journey in this new wifehood, in this 21st century- about the challenges we will face and how we affront life as a wedded couple in this day and age. It is a legacy I hope to leave behind, when one day I`ll be no more!


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