Domestic Affairs!

Another week flown by…well not exactly..each day rolled away one by one…loads of work and then weekend!

So, today, in order to distance myself from the bitter January cold, long  weary days and light years way from any holiday(s), I just need a spot of mirth..something to uplift my I`ll hopefully add some colour to your day too! Here goes:

Soon after our wedding and honeymoon, I was intent on investing my time to be Mr M`s wife and a splendid hostess. I was intent on gaining max marks from the influx of guests who we were going to entertain for  Christmas and New Year festivities. However, one day whilst I was toiling away just before some relatives came over I noticed a dripping bathroom tap…I decided to tighten it, and I did so, until I lost the will to live and since none of my manoeuvres actually helped…in actual fact the dripping intensity actually increased, I jumped into action and got hold of every single plastic bucket and tub I could find.

My consternation grew as the hours flew and in a very panicky voice I called the agency. A very calm lady on the other end of the phone said, “Oh madam, you must turn off the stopcock!”..Right! I set out to discover where this stopcock might me…turned off all the taps in the no avail and then went to the kitchen and looked under the sink..voila`! I was greeted with a plethora of cunning-looking taps, all different shapes and sizes.  I turned off the nearest one or was that on!! Oh Gosh! I was hit by a blast of water.. so spluttering and off the panic scale now, trying to wipe off the deluge and limit the damage….I quickly recovered and turned it off but none of the other taps seemed to do the trick. Anyway, in the end, a lady from the agency in tight skirt and 5 inch heels came strutting to the door, went calmly to the kitchen and with a decisive twist (and some extra effort) she turned THE STOPCOCK off and the bathroom tap stopped leaking. Hurray!!..some 4 buckets later!!!

Really, that was my very first mishap as a married woman! Of course, when hubby came back from work, he very calmly pointed to the now, very well-known stopcock and remarked..”Well, thats the stopcock!”

I  must say that during the festive season, as well as having our guests, we also had loads of grub…good stuff..with all the meat dishes being taken care of by my very capable hubby (and a little Jamie Oliver help!). I was in charge of starters and desserts..and I must say that all our guests were very content and satisfied, especially  when I served my very own, killer trifle…and if you`re wondering how it can see it in this post!!

My Killer Trifle!
My Killer Trifle!

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