Strange Affair…

Himself, The Duck!

Himself, The Handsome Duck!

So this week, whilst I was going about my day, flitting around from one thing to the next, minding my own business, I come across a duck..and what a duck!

Incredible colours and a piercing glance..fierce and proud! Have to say…..he (couldn`t possibly have been a female!) threw me a bit…kept on eyeing me intently…and I kept looking at him too. Tried to get a pic of him, with his long neck and wonderful eyes, but everytime I took a shot, he quickly hid his head in his feathers..on purpose of course!!

Such mesmerizing colours! I`m sure he was human in some other life, perhaps of noble origins!

Does anyone know what species of duck he is? Hope he`s magical and will bring me lots of luck!


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