Magic of Hand Blenders

Butternut Squash Soup

A wintry filler!

Last weekend in January…perhaps there`s some hope of sunshine and general dry days…we`ll see!!

Meanwhile, Mr M and I have decided to ensure that our intake of food is sensible and as fresh and hand-made as possible, so we have committed ourselves to Sunday being the day when we cook for most of the week. Today it was my turn and I made a butternut squash soup which I had served as part of the NYE repertoire..and since it was a great hit with our friends, I decided to make it once more…however with a few key changes: I added potatoes, garlic, chilli powder, curry powder and cumin, in addition to the ingredients listed in the recipe.

You can find the link here and judge for yourself, whether my additions make sense or not:

Well, the experiment was successful!! Mr M liked it..I have added more cream (light) than in the recipe though (mainly not to discard the rest of the cream in the bin!)..and here is the final result..of course, one can only appreciate the magic of having a hand-blender which smoothens the chunks of butternut squash and potatoes into a beautiful, uniformly velvety texture and the pumpkin seeds and croutons, make it divine!!


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