A Touch of Red!

A touch of red on Valentine`s Day

A touch of red on Valentine`s Day

A total difference from a couple of weeks ago- the sun is streaming through my window as I write this and I bathe in the light of the the glorious sunshine! I guess the One in the sky heard my plea!!!!

So, last week I didn`t manage to update my blog and in a week I actually broke my 3 new year resolutions! So besides not writing in my blog, I also brought tonnes of work home which had me typing away on Sunday night and of course, all the exercise regimes went out of the window too!

You may also wonder whether hubby actually remembered  our 1st Valentine`s Day as man and wife….yes he did with a bunch of lovely red roses on the 14th and a card and a great meal on Saturday 18th and let`s face it- Valentine`s Day should fall on a Saturday as its grossly inconvenient when it falls in the middle of super-busy week!

And you can see a pic of  my Valentine`s Day bouquet- the white flowers in the background belong to another bouquet which he recently gave me too as flowers do tend to sweeten my mood after a day of toil!


Arctic Freeze!

So, as everyone knows, this week was one of snow and arctic cold! Last Monday I decided to go to work by train as I wasn`t quite sure whether the roads were gritted..it was a long trip and even though I had nice comfy boots on it was quite tricky to walk steadily and not trip! Had to remove all the outerwear too when I got to work- a sure hassle! From Tuesday onwards I decided to drive into work and  found that the roads were gritted and it felt OK except for Thursday evening, when trust my luck I was driving straight into a snow-storm on my way back from work!!

Now, the snow seems to have largely disappeared and it hasn`t snowed since Thursday night, although the outside temperature is a cheery minus degrees…..was -12oC yesterday! Gosh! Anyways, sometime left till spring! Although yesterday I discovered a lovely surprise….one of my orchids has begun to flower and here is a picture of it. Let me tell you..I`m not really a plant person (and I`m sure there`ll be family members reading this blog, especially my Mum who will have a laugh!) but I do have 3 orchids and I acquire great pleasure in seeing them bloom and one of them has lasted 3 years!!

White Orchid

White Orchid

Snowy weekend!

Well, its funny..yesterday I was dreaming of days in the sun and complaining of boredom and today, I was out in the snow, throwing snowballs at hubby, just like the little excited kids we met walking along the river! I have to say..I was jealous..they had plastic sledges..would have been good to get an adult-sized one so I could snowboard away!

Snow and Berries!

Snow and Berries

Great feeling!!  The landscape also takes on a different aspect….it looks so magical and surreal!! I also met a feathery friend..no doubt, a Chinese Duck!

A Feathery friend in the snow!

A Feathery Friend in the Snow!

Dreaming of holidays in the sun…

February has now begun- have to say have nothing really to look forward to…of course, there`s Valentine`s Day, but now we`re happily married, I don`t think there will be any surprises!

Indeed, I can`t help but fantasize about my next holiday…again, sun and sea is what I`m always up for…there`s nothing which beats that soft sunny glow on your skin once you`ve made it to the sea- it makes you feel alive and full of life! However, a nice city like Venice or Milan would be cool, or maybe an East European city destination too would be lovely, but I  don`t really fancy anything cold and frigid…although snow is magical but its so cold and wet and we have enough of that (I mean the wet and dull weather) in the UK and what`s more, the forecast is -10 oC for this week!!! Gosh!!

Realistically,  at the moment, there is no hope of any holidays, and I`m not being dull myself here but merely factual.. so all I can do really is just imagine myself sipping cocktails on a deserted beach with the waves lapping up the shore… or re-live the scenes of our honeymoon!!

My special place!

My special place