Dreaming of holidays in the sun…

February has now begun- have to say have nothing really to look forward to…of course, there`s Valentine`s Day, but now we`re happily married, I don`t think there will be any surprises!

Indeed, I can`t help but fantasize about my next holiday…again, sun and sea is what I`m always up for…there`s nothing which beats that soft sunny glow on your skin once you`ve made it to the sea- it makes you feel alive and full of life! However, a nice city like Venice or Milan would be cool, or maybe an East European city destination too would be lovely, but I  don`t really fancy anything cold and frigid…although snow is magical but its so cold and wet and we have enough of that (I mean the wet and dull weather) in the UK and what`s more, the forecast is -10 oC for this week!!! Gosh!!

Realistically,  at the moment, there is no hope of any holidays, and I`m not being dull myself here but merely factual.. so all I can do really is just imagine myself sipping cocktails on a deserted beach with the waves lapping up the shore… or re-live the scenes of our honeymoon!!

My special place!

My special place


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