Arctic Freeze!

So, as everyone knows, this week was one of snow and arctic cold! Last Monday I decided to go to work by train as I wasn`t quite sure whether the roads were was a long trip and even though I had nice comfy boots on it was quite tricky to walk steadily and not trip! Had to remove all the outerwear too when I got to work- a sure hassle! From Tuesday onwards I decided to drive into work and  found that the roads were gritted and it felt OK except for Thursday evening, when trust my luck I was driving straight into a snow-storm on my way back from work!!

Now, the snow seems to have largely disappeared and it hasn`t snowed since Thursday night, although the outside temperature is a cheery minus degrees…..was -12oC yesterday! Gosh! Anyways, sometime left till spring! Although yesterday I discovered a lovely surprise….one of my orchids has begun to flower and here is a picture of it. Let me tell you..I`m not really a plant person (and I`m sure there`ll be family members reading this blog, especially my Mum who will have a laugh!) but I do have 3 orchids and I acquire great pleasure in seeing them bloom and one of them has lasted 3 years!!

White Orchid

White Orchid


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