From the kitchen…

Ah well, another week over..time just rolls along, one day leading to another!

Speaking of rolls…last weekend, I decided to cook cabbage stuffed with ricotta…quite a Mediterraean dish and without the meaty feel.  Yeah well..some of you may think yuck! however it was real tasty and was only 200 calories!!

To be honest, the tricky bit is removing the cabbage leaves, as once you put the cabbage in boiling water, it softens very rapidly and the leaves need to be removed very gently otherwise you end up with no leaves and hence no filling!

And voila`..this is the result..just out of the oven!! Cabbage rolls filled with ricotta!! Yum Yum!

I must say I`m not exactly the most patient of people, however I always go for a challenge (in many things in life really) vs the cabbage..and of course I won it (as you can see..hey if you don`t agree or if you agree perfectly leave your comments!)

I have to say it was quite a change from the usual pasta dishes, which I like loads, but wanted to experiment with a different dish and wanted to prove to hubby that YES I can cook ! I got the original  idea from a book I was given as a gift this Christmas. As a serving tip, the book suggests that it is best served with garlic bread and YES, I do agree perfectly and of course, with a nice glass of wine…priceless!!



3 thoughts on “From the kitchen…

  1. Looks really delicious and appetizing!!!! How come you never tried one of these dishes when you still lived here??????

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