Carpe diem

I have always been a believer in the saying..carpe diem..which is commonly translated into the words….seize the day….and thankfully, yesterday was a typical experience stemming from this wise saying……

Since Christmas and New Year festivities were over, hubby and I quickly assumed an incessant routine of work and weekend chores and catching up with bits and pieces, and lets say it..routine is boredom, absolute mind-numbing, so inside I was calling out!! I wanna break the mould, do something different and hey-ho as the sun decided to grace us with its warm rays yesterday afternoon, I literally, seized the moment and Mr M and I went out for a 3 hour walk in the countryside.

A peaceful sight!

What a mood-lifter!! We discovered some interesting paths not far from our house, and we plodded on- at one point we had to whiz through as the train barriers suddenly were lowered with no proper that provided some extra adrenaline spurt!!!!

A hidden lake!

It was a great walk which ended on a great when we came back home, we had a nice chicken curry.

For the chicken curry: I  added paprika, curry powder and chilli to the chicken mini-breast fillets whilst cooking in a wok….and once this was cooked well, I added a jar of Sainsbury`s basic curry sauce and a handful of sultanas…the rice was cooked in our Tefal rice-cooker (a useful wedding gift!) and of course dinner was eaten by candlelight and was delightful!!!


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