Things happen for a reason!

Flowering Cactus

Flowering Cactus

So, this weekend, dear friends its all wet and raining and cold and all I feel like is curling up on the sofa and dozing off…..very different from last week`s weather where the sun was shining brightly and we went out for nice long walks!

This week, at least three people told me

Things happen for a reason“.

And I`m kind of haunted by this. Most say its God`s Will, some say its Fate and others try to look at the celestial  paths of the astrological world but I ask, if we don`t get what we want, then do we have to keep on trying or just give up and move with the flow?

So my thought for today is precisely that when stuff happens there is some detailed plan somewhere which will be revealed at a later stage and ironically, hadn`t I come along to the UK for my studies, I would never have met my dear hubby and would probably never have started this blog as a new wife (eerie no)!!!

And if you`re wondering what the cactus is? Well, its my kind of idea of life in general….. you must be tough and resistant like the cactus plant but also sweet and lovely like the pink what do you think? Does this make sense to you? 🙂

I have had a look at other people`s blogs and the ones who are like mine or follow my blog….I just like to see who they are….and there is real talent out there…and its a great community of people who share their views or particular phase in life, with the world in general. Most update their blogs several times a week but I like to have something very special to communicate with my readers and not just write for the sake of it (although I love doing this and if someone wants to give me a job doing just this, then bring it on!) so everyone, hope you enjoy this little thought of the day (or week)…something happened to you recently, maybe its unexpected? there is a reason out there- find it but don`t waste time ruminating on what happened!


4 thoughts on “Things happen for a reason!

  1. Very nice thoughts especialy the one about the cactus plant 🙂

    Keep it up and have a nice weekend!!

    Liz xxx

    • I think sometimes we do need to be like the cactus plant but not all the time!! I admit it is tricky to know when and how…however if you are as tough as a cactus all the time, then you cannot really experience the good stuff in life….so we need to be tough at certain times and ‘softer’ on other occasions! I guess life conditions you to be tougher at times and ‘soft and sweet’ at other times…abit like a protection mechanism I guess! x

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