Be Prepared!

Yesterday morning I was off work and went out to run some errands…it was sunny and the sun was really shining brightly (although it was quite nippy). I noticed that loads of people stripped to their T-shirts and had sunglasses on…many were standing chatting away in small groups in the city centre as I sped away to do my deeds…..few more minutes passed, a sudden peal of thunder and the rain fell by the buckets! I calmly took my umbrella out from my bag and went on my way, whilst I could see all these people huddling together under roof tops as they had forgotten their umbrellas, still with their sunglasses, shivering away!!

This is not uncommon perhaps…however the message in this is BE PREPARED..always PLAN and NEVER take things for granted and definitely if you live in the UK, you MUST always take your umbrella along!!

My outlook on life is to try and improve generally and I do enjoy obtaining ‘hidden’ messages from experiences to guide my future!!

I bought a nice bouquet of chrysanthemums for myself today and I am sharing it with you!!!

Beautiful Bouquet of Chrysanthemums

Beautiful Bouquet of Chrysanthemums

And as I told you last week, today I will name the 3 best films we saw recently:

THE WARD directed by John Carpenter (2010)

It is a thriller/horror film (quite scary, but not too much, so be warned) with a great twist..and we definitely gave it 9/10!! It is available as a dvd and is about mental disease and helps to raise awareness as well as portrays the problems experienced in people affected in some way by mental diseases…I do recommend it!


In this film/dvd (2010) there`s Matt Damon who plays a psychic and we meet a number of other interesting characters too…`s an action/thriller and we gave it 8/10.


We saw this in the cinema (March 2012) quite recently and we gave it 7.5/10. It is a good movie, however the concept is not very original and if you`ve seen Gladiator and Spartacus, there are some common threads (although may not be immediately obvious!) but definitely worth a look!

Have a great weekend!!


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