Domestic duties

Since we have been plagued with several weeks of incessant rain and far-from summery weather, I was in desperate need of my fav sport…shopping!!! So  this morning I decided to hit the shops and bought some toiletries, one shirt, a blue & brown large bag and several belts in different colours (not for the reasons you may be thinking!!!..they were on sale!) and also some dark pink cute PJs!

Then I came back home & braced myself to affront my domestic duties and set out to clean the house whilst my hubby was quietly working….and with a relatively clean upstairs (downstairs is not completely done), I decided to check my emails while hubby offered to cook….

And what did he cook? My fav dish on a day like this..nothing better than some hot Asian chicken noodle broth from Jamie Oliver`s Ministry of Food…and here is the result!!

Asian Chicken Noodle Broth

Asian Chicken Noodle Broth by Hubby!

On another matter…a few nights ago we saw THE AWAKENING (2011)….it`s  about a ghost hunter (it`s slightly scary but not bad and more of an adrenaline rush really) and one day she comes across an interesting case with a twist.

I think it`s good and worth seeing and has an original story too. We gave it 8.5/10….what`s your score?!


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