Celebrating Workers` Day

Since this week we celebrated Workers’ Day and on the continent there are usually some celebrations of sorts…concerts and union meetings, I`ve decided as a fellow worker who is regularly in contact with other workers, not only in the UK but also elsewhere in the world, who feels their pain & anguish, to celebrate this event with a neat little piece…so read on and let me know whether you agree or not!!!

The Worker`s Life!

We start off as an enthusiastic graduate (most of us these days), some with one or several degrees…..we advance onto a career path….first rung of a very long ladder…we apply for jobs and we`re told ‘you have no experience‘ ; even though you have a top degree!

The Employee…
So life as an employee then begins….you start working life as a junior…in a ‘training post‘.. or rather, you do the dirty work of senior people…with a crappy pay (despite soaring Uni fees and loans) but you keep at it, solidly persisting..the months pass and years crawl by and after three or four years you`re ready to move on….so you`re back in the job market, polishing your CV and applying for jobs…a number of applications are get to the 1st interview and then if you`re lucky and everyone liked your presentation and if you answered all the random questions excellently, there`s the 2nd interview where you`re quizzed out of your mind and it feels like you`re doing another final year viva…..and you`re told that you`re very good but alas, another candidate has an even better CV than you…so you keep on trying and in doing so you discover that there are 100 applications on average for one job, some of whom already work for the institution you went for (so of course, I`m sure they`ll have more brownie points than you do towards obtaining that post)…but then the Eureka moment..someone sees potential and gives you a chance and you`ve made it…only to discover that they will give you the job if you agree to take a pay-cut and by this time, even though you now have worked hard to get a senior post, you`re so sick of it that you just accept- and when you do start, you`re doing senior and junior roles all at once because of course there`s no money for an admin person and its all in the name of Lean working!!!!

The Bosses…
Here of course I can`t help not adding that in your working life you must put up with a series of bosses…..some literally get ineffective and unsupportive bosses piling work onto you until you can`t see the light of day for weeks, others who drive you nuts by changing protocols all the time and treat you like some ‘dumb-ass’ and those who seem very nice and almost decent but in the end bleed you dry and get all the credit for your work! And in a few years` time, my friend, it will all start again!!

Last but not least…
I shall leave you with some Asian philosophy..this week we watched Confucius (2010)..starring Chow Yun-Fat. It`s a great movie and not just a story but based on the life of Master Kong, an Asian philosopher. We gave the film an 8.5/10. The main actor has also acted in Anna and the King, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Curse of the Golden Flower- all excellent films and worth watching if you haven`t done so already!)…..If you`re interested watch this official trailer and decide for yourself!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Workers` Day

  1. Start work in supermarket without depts. Told you will not get anywhere without degree. Enter University for three years. Leave University with degree to find no jobs after applying to countless of companies. Return to University to do masters. After two more years apply yet again for a job. Finally returning to supermarket however, now owing shed loads of money!

    • Alas, all your describe is very real sadly!
      I personally do know of people who had to work in a supermarket (with a MASTERS) as they couldn`t find work for a while. At least they had a job! Let me be clear- this doesn`t mean there`s anything wrong with people earning a living by working in a supermarket but when you are in debt (several £1000s) because you tried to get an education and you`re actually falling behind, who perhaps for whatever reason didn`t go to Uni, but are actually still pursuing studies e.g. NVQs, evening classes etc…I think there`s something wrong with the educational system really and urgently needs retouching!! Perhaps the whole concept of going straight from school into Uni needs to be changed and people should find work first, gain experience and become a bit more mature and then see what profession/educational path they want to follow! Who else thinks this way??

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