Tips for getting through the first 6 months of married life…

We have now been happily married for more than 6 months and since I generally like to read tips about anything related to life, wherever I can find them (at least those which make sense), I thought it would be a great idea to share some tips on:

Getting through the first 6 months of married life with my readers:

The Marriage Rite

The Marriage Rite

  1. Every week (even though you`re both snowed under with work or have other important matters to think about) find some quality time to spend together; whether it is just watching a movie, a soccer game, enjoying a meal out, cooking a meal together, or any activity which requires husband and wife enjoying the activity of 1-3 hours, together. Having common hobbies which you enjoy together does make this easier to achieve.
  2. Buy something for each other every month- a little gift (doesn`t need to be expensive) and if you run out of ideas, surprise your spouse!! For the wife, a bouquet of flowers from the local store is fine and for the husband, his favourite chocolate ice-cream (for my hubby it`s Magnum!)! It is important to show your appreciation for each other, not only in words but physically, in the form of a gift or anything else which springs to mind! 😉
  3. Share chores and work as a team. No one is better than the other, you are both in it together and must support each other as much as possible.
  4. Have a weekend (or a day if you can`t afford it) away together. Go to places you`ve never visited before and discover them together.
  5. Look at your wedding photos and dvd, as often as you can- they remind you of your special day and how ecstatic you both were and if you`re going through a rough patch (for any reason), this will give you the energy to continue working together as a couple and a team, an A team!

Those of you who are not married, can trial these on their partner and those single can use them as a guide!

Hope you find these tips useful! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tips for getting through the first 6 months of married life…

  1. I like your post. I’ve been married for a while now. I think the most original one (at least to me) was to discover new things together. For us, our son helps us in that bond. Outside of him, though, it’s hard to constantly discover. Yet it’s extremely important. Otherwise, you feel like the other person isn’t growing while you are. Thanks again.

    • Many thanks for your comment!! We are still early on in our journey and have no children yet- I am sure that this a new dimension of our life which we will hopefully explore together one day!

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