So Bon Voyage, I`m off in the skies!

It always has the same effect on me- flying; going through an airport, the anticipation of a holiday, of exploring new lands and seas..and the mere excitement of doing something which breaks the mundane routine!!

And so, here I am, in Heathrow airport- the mere thought of having to fly sends ripples of excitement down my spine. I am caught in a childish elation for weeks before…and the week of the flight, I`m in a fantastic mood; I catch myself grinning stupidly at myself in the mirror and nothing seems to perturb me. I wait in anticipation for the pre-flight day.

So, when this arrives and work is over for the day, I`m all perked up, ready for the mad frenzy..the packing stage..before it all begins, I fish out my detailed prescription- a long list of ‘must haves’, then come the ‘maybes’ and after (if there still is enough room) all the rest! At the end of the packing operation, my stuff is neatly packed in plastic bags and the suitcase is then firmly sealed and placed carefully next to the front door.

On the day, I get up early and have yet another look at my list to make sure nothing has been left out…I also muse on a few additional items which could be squeezed in, call my taxi to the train station and then the trip to Heathrow begins…an 8 hour marathon! Before departure..a train journey, and then a tube-ride (via Piccadilly line) from Kings Cross to Heathrow Terminal 4.



Once inside the airport and the check-in is done and dusted, I join the swarms of people getting through the security gates and with my hand luggage in tow, off I dash to inspect the latest merchandise in the shops, pursue any bargains and stroll through Mulberry, Bally, Harrods, Swarovski, and whoa..there`s a sale in LK Bennett., Mulberry and more…I`m on it! A few more prowls..I spot a WH Smith and secure an armful of ladies mags- an important accompaniment for the 3 hour flight- and finally of course you can`t miss the perfume stands in the World Duty Free, where I hunt the latest scents of the season and enjoy the special whiff!!

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

More time passes, and the gate opens..and off I pressure though, it`s not an Easy Jet flight and I know I have a good seat! Bon Voyage!


Origins of Fashion

I have decided to launch a new category in my blog (sorry for you blokes out there!!)- Beauty and Fashion– and the first thing I want to write about is- the Origins of the Fashion Industry.

Ladies Fashion Mags-always lurking in my sitting room!

Ladies Fashion Mags-always lurking in my sitting room!

Nowadays, both men and women spend thousands (perhaps for those who have them even millions) of pounds every year on clothing, shoes, bags etc, with the sole aim of looking their best and possibly their goal is to be better than others, the absolute best. So whats` this fixation we (most of us) have with fashion? What is the psychological reason that we pursue fashion so intently?

I guess fashion is a personal thing really and it`s always great to witness people wearing different styles, some suit them perfectly and others honestly don`t- however, I feel that fashion and personality do go together and can`t be separated!

A quick google search on the ‘origins of fashion’ produced 64,900,000 hits in 0.23s- remarkable -I`d like to think of this number as being the number of followers I`ll have one day on this blog- that`s being positive! :). If you are thinking that I`ll go through all of these, well, mate you`re wrong!!- however a quick browse has given me some interesting facts which no doubt some (or all ) of you would know.

It seems that changes in costumes/fashion occurred during economic upheavals – so, everyone, get ready to rock with new fashion styles (sorry, couldn`t resist with all the media hype on economic downturn). The downside was that the style remained static for a while after, so if that`s something which we need to think about….)

  • There`s always been differences in Western vs Eastern styles, with one saying that the other is better (no surprise in that- history repeats itself, as they say).
  • In Europe, fashion really took off around the 14th century and to prove this we have major works of art which depicted people in the costumes of the day.
  • Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and wife of Louis XVI was a sure fashion icon of the 16th century, though her unfortunate fate isn`t one to be envied.
Queen Marie Antoinette of France Image reproduced from Wikipedia

Queen Marie Antoinette of France Image reproduced from Wikipedia

  • The discovery of the sewing-machine in the 1850s by Isaac Singer and others spearheaded the development of the fashion world as we now know it.

This was then followed by the launch of Vogue in 1892, in the US, which is still very much THE ladies magazine of today!

Audrey Hepburn Image reproduced from Wikipedia

Audrey Hepburn
Image reproduced from Wikipedia

And to end this post, this woman (look at the photo above) is my personal all-time fashion icon- now, it`s your turn, who`s your fashion icon?



It strikes me that the root of all evil, is really FEAR. People who bully others, those who are racist and others who commit all kinds of crime etc, all have one thing in common- they are afraid of change and of people who are better than they are and ever will be, so they panic and strike their fellow, vulnerable humans with whatever means they have.

FEAR courtsey of

FEAR courtsey of

Somehow in life, we may fail to see this and tend to find excuses for some vile and atrocious actions. Take massacres for instance, what is the aim of a massacre? It is the bully killing people who oppose what he/she does, who obliterates freedom of speech. Now, you may wonder what the purpose of this is…so let me tell you: a few weeks ago, we got our usual LOVEFILM delivery and one of the dvds we received was The Whistleblower.

This is a true story of a US policewoman (role played excellently by Rachel Weiz) who was working with the UN in Bosnia, after the war, trying to help restore some normality in the war-stricken population. She soon realizes that top officials in the UN and other peace-keepers from the US and Europe were actively supporting a sex-trafficking racket. All kinds of girls, even 6-year olds were used for their pleasure and of course, for income generation. The pyschological and physical deprivation of these girls was horrific and some were actually physically tormented and publically humiliated. Of course, the irony was that the same people who claimed they were ‘protecting’ them were responsible for this atrocity. I will not give you any gory details, but if you`re a person with a conscience and some moral values, please watch the movie and let me know what you think-Kathryn Bolkovac, is a true heroine as she fought the system with everything she had, in order to bring justice to these unfortunate women.

The film was launched in 2011 and the cast includes Vanessa Redgrave.