It strikes me that the root of all evil, is really FEAR. People who bully others, those who are racist and others who commit all kinds of crime etc, all have one thing in common- they are afraid of change and of people who are better than they are and ever will be, so they panic and strike their fellow, vulnerable humans with whatever means they have.

FEAR courtsey of

FEAR courtsey of

Somehow in life, we may fail to see this and tend to find excuses for some vile and atrocious actions. Take massacres for instance, what is the aim of a massacre? It is the bully killing people who oppose what he/she does, who obliterates freedom of speech. Now, you may wonder what the purpose of this is…so let me tell you: a few weeks ago, we got our usual LOVEFILM delivery and one of the dvds we received was The Whistleblower.

This is a true story of a US policewoman (role played excellently by Rachel Weiz) who was working with the UN in Bosnia, after the war, trying to help restore some normality in the war-stricken population. She soon realizes that top officials in the UN and other peace-keepers from the US and Europe were actively supporting a sex-trafficking racket. All kinds of girls, even 6-year olds were used for their pleasure and of course, for income generation. The pyschological and physical deprivation of these girls was horrific and some were actually physically tormented and publically humiliated. Of course, the irony was that the same people who claimed they were ‘protecting’ them were responsible for this atrocity. I will not give you any gory details, but if you`re a person with a conscience and some moral values, please watch the movie and let me know what you think-Kathryn Bolkovac, is a true heroine as she fought the system with everything she had, in order to bring justice to these unfortunate women.

The film was launched in 2011 and the cast includes Vanessa Redgrave.


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