Back to Blogging and An Illuminating Blogger Award

So I`m back on the blogging waves, after a month! Feels a tiny wee bit strange as I haven`t blogged in, what feels like a very long while. Since I`ve been away from this cyber literary arena for some time, I did begin to wonder whether I should return to the blogging world or just stop the activity altogether, especially since people (non-bloggers, mind!) keep on telling me, ‘Why do you do it?!’ However, whilst I was off away holidaying in the sun, I received a nomination from Brigitte`s Banter on for an Illuminating Blogger Award. Such a lovely gesture, which is very much appreciated and makes me think that at least there are people out there who appreciate what I have to say which is encouraging and keeps me going with this blog, so I`ll hope to entertain you and keep you interested for a while longer!

Rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award

  1. Visit Award Site- see above
  2. Tell the person who nominated you- see above
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their site- see above
  4. Say a random thing about yourself: so, here goes: I have just done 2 hours gardening with hubby since today was a perfectly, sunny, summer day. I feel quite pleased with myself, since I`m not really a gardening freak, but then I do like to keep things in order and our small garden looks alot better now, so I guess, I am a control freak of sorts!!
  5. Select 5 or more nominees: See below- I look forward to new posts from these bloggers; they are attentive to detail, fun and brigthen my day with what they have to say, so thank you all for keeping me well-entertained!

6. Place the award on your blog- see below

Illuminating Blog Award

Illuminating Blogger Award

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