Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark

In the last few blog posts, I had been complaining that I needed to have a holiday….and indeed most of June into July, I had the pleasure to visit several countries, one of these was Denmark, hubby`s homeland.

So, when you`re in Denmark, it is customary to eat a ‘frankfurter’- similar to a hotdog (I am told that there are different types, some much lengthier than the bun they are presented in). It is served with the characteristic crispy fried onion, as well as the customary dollop of ketchup!

Danish-style Frankfurter!

Danish-style Frankfurter!

Our visit coincided with the Diamond Jubilee long weekend….and having missed all the fun in the UK, we decided to capture some royalty spirit, with a visit to Rosenborg Slot or Rosenborg Castle. It is right in the middle of Copenhagen, within walking distance of the Nørreport station and very worth a visit if you are ever around there.

Rosenborg Slot

Rosenborg slot was built by  King Christian IV (King of Denmark and Norway) as a summer house in early 1600s. There are 3 floors which include the ground floor, first floor and second floor. The latter  is mostly the Knights` Hall, used as a ballroom.  The castle is quite small and can be easily seen in 1- 2hours. Take your ifone/Android phone as all the exhibits have a QR code and there`s free WiFi too.

An exquisite highlight of the visit was seeing the Crown Jewels and other fascinating jewellery pieces.

The Crown Jewels

And some lovely jewellery pieces:

Some lovely jewellery pieces

Some lovely jewellery pieces

And an amber chandelier!

An Amber Chandelier

An Amber Chandelier

As you go through the Stone Passage on the ground floor, don`t forget to look upwards at the magnificent ceiling. This leads to the Kings Chamber.

Detail of the stone passage

Detail of the stone passage

And here is the King`s Chamber:

The Kings Chamber

My special favourite room was the The Knights’ Hall or Throne Room, on the second floor. Note the silver lions gurading the thrones!

Throne Room

And I couldn`t resist taking a pic of the royal WC- fascinating!!!

The Royal Loo!

The Royal Loo!

And here are some details of the tiles!!

Tile details

Tile details

If you want further information, do visit the official site:

Finally a  special thanks to dear hubby who took most of the photos for this post but did not enjoy taking a photo of the loo!! 🙂


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