Winds of Change, Sheep, Sleep and Superheroes!

There is something about change that brings some waves of uncertainty, mystery even, and of course stress… but then if things move on seamlessly, then we complain of boredom and routine. These forthcoming months, hubby and I anticipate that we`ll have some changes in our work schedules, so we have regular conversations on ‘How is it going to work?’, ‘What if?’ and ‘Would we be better off than we are now or not ?’. In reality, we cannot really know until the moment comes, the change takes effect and we will be either better or worse than we are now…however thinking about it as we both are will not really help except further increase stress levels!!

So, with these thoughts in mind, I could not drift off to sleep a few nights ago (not helped by a cup of coffee I probably had taken a few hours before)….and had a go at counting the proverbial sheep leaping over a pretty little wooden-bridge. Funnily enough, my lot were quite rebellious and gave me the evil eye and aggressive Baa Baa! cries.

Baffled Sheep from

Baffled Sheep from

They trotted off in all directions and only a few got over the bridge as they were supposed to!! Well, having had such a bad experience with counting the sheep (and still no sign of any sleep) my mind drifted to another subject…Superheroes!!

I listed all the superheroes which I knew and made a top 3 list.

1. First in the list is Superman. What would I give to be a female version of Clark Kent, rush into the telephone booth and then off to soar in the skies, putting right everything that is evidently wayward!! I must admit that when I took my first chemistry classes at school, I had eagerly inspected the periodic table and got quite a shock when I couldn’t find any kryptonite- must have asked the teacher at the time too (though I don`t really remember)!!

Superman from

Superman from

2. Of course, second is Wonder Woman. Funnily enough I can`t really remember her actions as I do some of the other superheroes, though I do believe she could raise stuff just with her glance and had a protective tiara and bracelets which allowed her to do wonderful things. However, I must say that I never really acclimatized to her outfit, which even when a kid I thought it was too ‘loud’ and would have preferred something less glitzy. Why couldn`t they dress her in something less showy, resembling superman`s outfit?

Wonder_Woman from
Wonder_Woman from

3. The Incredible Hulk- Well, having a scientific background, how can you not love the scientist Dr Bruce Banner who had an accident (whilst he was working religiously and was so passionate about his work) which turns him into this huge, powerful green being? Would love to throw stuff in the air and stomp around just to let out some steam !!

Incredible Hulk from

Incredible Hulk from

And then it seems I slept…ah, the magic of superheroes!!!


4 thoughts on “Winds of Change, Sheep, Sleep and Superheroes!

  1. great article… I must confess that I was completely gaga over this super chick, about her costume and her tiara which became a boomerang and also when she used to turn in a circle and transform herself :))) nowadays i would prefer to wake up next to Edward Norton though :))

    • Many thanks for your kind comment! I do recollect vaguely re the boomerang and that she had the lasso of truth too…Re E. Norton, you would have to make sure he can`t really turn into Mr Hulk!! 🙂 🙂

  2. First, I think it’s great that you and your husband discuss things and have such great communication! Secondly, if women went into phone booths to change, do you know how long it would take to come out? The crime would be over and the baddie long gone! Do I wear the bangle bracelet? No, I wore that yesterday, maybe the powerboots? Hmm, powerboots, but do they make my legs look short? lol Loved the post!

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