The Killing and The Bridge

Well, by now, those of you who regularly follow my blog, have realized that both hubby and I are film buffs! The latest films (series) we`ve seen which I thought were exceptional….were… The Killing 1 and The Bridge. Personally, I prefer The Killing to the The Bridge, although I liked them both very much.

It strikes me that there is distinct difference between Scandinavian and American thriller films. What is quite evident is that the Scandinavian films have a much lower budget than the American ones and you get this interesting‘black humour’ drifting through. To top it all, Scandinavian films do not usually have a happy ending, as do the big block-buster movies and to me it`s definitely something which I have not commonly experienced before!!

The Killing I

For those of you who haven`t seen it and don`t want any hints, then look away right now. For those of you who are keen to explore this further and would like some basic information, then let me tell you that the opening scene is a girl running from her captor who is then caught and killed. The story dwells on the girl, the girl`s family and her ‘secret’ life which was unknown to her family but begins to unravel as the detectives proceed with the investigation. It is an intricate web which also involves some local politicians and the Mayor`s election. The lead detective is Sara Lund- a very unglamorous lady (but of course, a brilliant actress) who is clearly a workaholic, incredibly clever and you can immediately see the impact her work has on her personal life. She frequently appears wearing a woolly, fluffy jumper and goes around looking quite dishevelled and nothing like her Hollywood counterparts and let`s say it..damn realistic! She is the lead and works with a male partner who tends to do as he`s told (whereas in most American films, the lead tends to be a male) and the actress- Sofie Gråbøl is absolutely top class. So watch it and let me know what you think!!

The Bridge

This is perhaps slightly more gruesome that The Killing. The opening scene involved a dead body (which is actually from 2 different bodies- a Dane and a Swede) found on the Oresund bridge which joins Copenhagen to Malmo. The lead again here in a Swedish police detective-Saga Norén (part played by Sofia Helin) who works alongside Martin Rohde, a Danish detective (Kim Bodnia). Saga is very much a workaholic too (as Sara Lund in The Killing) and also has an autistic disorder which prevents her from forming friendly relationships with her work colleagues and she fears promotion as she feels incapable of managing staff. I liked this very human aspect being portrayed in the film. She is however, quite a character, very astute and also pretty, who again wears very casual clothes (a characteristic pair of leather trousers, which I thought were pretty funky really!). The story involves an ex-police officer who promotes himself as a custodian for a better welfare system and dwells on social issues such as racism, homelessness, vulnerability of children etc, broadcasting his deeds which involve further killings, via the internet under the name TT. In reality, this is a decoy, as the killer, is seeking revenge against Martin Rodhe. This only becomes clear at the very end of the film, as Martin had slept with the guy`s wife several years earlier and at the time, the killer was best friends with Martin.

I leave it to you to decide which of the two you prefer!!


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