Wishing summer never ends!

As I write this and gaze out of the window…I can see the sky….an ashen-grey hue and hear the rain….foretelling the months to come..….autumn and winter!

So I ask myself, what is the best method to counteract this feeling of foreboding, the imminent gloom which forecasts the dark months ahead??….

And here we go, let me tele-transport myself to a few months ago….my summer holidays in the sun…in Taormina, Sicily, last July 2012…3 days of absolute bliss with two special ladies, bathing in the ice-cold water and lying in the Mediterranean sun, basking in the golden rays!

And here are the highlights!!

Taormina is perched upon Monte Tauro, hence the name. It`s an explosion of historical architecture, culture, bustling Italian life, good food and breathtaking views.

An Iron Gate

An Iron Gate. Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

Some picturesque views which remained imprinted in my mind…

View from the cable car approaching the beach. Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

Another View from the cable car approaching the beach. Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

Cultural highlights…..Palazzo Corvaja, a mediaeval castle…

Palazzo Corvaja. Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

Palazzo Corvaja. Copyright http://www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

I Buratini...Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

And a fine close-up…observe the details…

I Buratini...a close-up view

I Buratini…a close-up view. Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

And finally we reached the beach…

The Bay of Mazzaro`. Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

View from my deck chair…

View whilst sunbathing...Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

And of course, I can`t forget the imposing Piazza del Duomo (where Italian VIPs, mostly from the  film industry tend to flock by night…)

Piazza del Duomo. Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

Sea- view from Piazza del Duomo. Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com

And a final farewell from our hotel window…

Final Farewell from our hotel window! Copyright www.diaryofanewife.wordpress.com


Life, nice and not-so-nice people.

This post is going to be a little bit abstract, so readers, if you are not in the mood, turn away now! I don`t want to put you off but I do feel sad, slightly belligerent and bitter and I am in need of giving vent to all my pent-up emotions, to the blogging airwaves!!!

The proverbial ‘shit hits the fan’ is a common definition of life and unwelcome unpleasant surprises which may occur. These past weeks have been dwelling on an event which can be defined as ‘the shit’ and consequences of this! Well, a wide variety of people took the centre stage in all this…the majority of incredibly nice, supportive people who show you respect, love, comradeship and ooze with pure humanity and a handful of others who poison the environment with their lies, incredible  lack of humanity and pure incompetence. It is truly a very varied world, this world  in which we live in!!

Image obtained from google images

Image obtained from google images

Well, I have always been someone who speaks their mind- My arguments are either black or white…no fifty shades of grey! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

I believe in having morals and principles and I stick up for others who are afraid to speak out for themselves. I don`t tolerate bullies and wherever there are situations where people are suffering or which are inappropriate, I am the first one to speak up and try  to help, even if this does not directly affect me. However, in life, I see so many people who stand back in silence and watch and take the backstage, incapable of speaking out!

Is this fair? How do these people live with themselves? It is absurd if they think that by not speaking out, they are protecting themselves and their families, because I do believe in the concept of karma….and trust me, it will come back to haunt them.

What about you? What type of person are you? Do you rise up against unfairness? Do you strive to help your buddy who needs your help desperately, or do you prefer to turn your face the other way and slink off quietly and avoid looking directly at your friend or that person-in-need, pretending they don`t exist?

Image obtained from google images

Image obtained from google images