Sharing some culinary tips!

Some time ago I noticed that our meal routine was not the epitome of health and wellness styles…with the endless Tesco pizzas (served with salad mind!), quiches, a quick pasta with ready-made tomato sauce…..the occasional Chinese take-out.  To be frank, we had very busy work schedules, arriving at 7pm everyday after nearly 12 hours away from home…nerve-wrecking to say the least.!!  So what could we do whilst we were part of this ? Nothing really..and whats the point of cooking for a whole week and freezing the various bits and pieces as some family members advise, if that means you need to spend most of the weekend inside and then the week is bound to start again with you not even having had time to de-stress properly??? And the great disadvantage of this would be, what would happen if the the safety had to go off whilst we`re not at home and that means the fridge would have defrosted by the time we reached the house? You might say, well, that`s a rare occurrence, but not to actually did happen to me and I did have to dispose of a great deal of meat and lovingly pre-cooked food!!

So, the opportunity to slightly enhance our quality of life arose when I changed my work schedule.

I got hold of a very handy ally..101 SIMPLE SUPPERS BBC Books Good Food Magazine..and I then started to plan the weekly meals…….an example of such a venture is:

Chez Moi -Planned Weekly Menu

Mon: Spicy Tomato Chicken

Inspect the result for yourself..I served it with potato mash…

Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken

Tue: Mediterranean Couscous Salad

And here you can find out whether you would fancy such a plate!

Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Wed: Vegetable Satay Soup

This was my special favourite!!

Vegetable Satay Soup

Vegetable Satay Soup

Thu: Paprika Pork

Hubby liked it but I`m not very much a porky person..rather prefer chicken for most of my dishes!

Paprika Pork in a bed of rice

Paprika Pork on a bed of rice

Friday: Spinach, bacon and pine-nut pappardelle.

I loved`s so easy to cook and tastes divine!!

Pappardelle with Spinach, Bacon and Pine Nuts

Pappardelle with Spinach, Bacon and Pine Nuts

The advantages of the weekly plan is that you can sort all the shopping out and avoid buying extra stuff.

Also, whilst I was toiling on at this project and gaining my husband`s confidence in my culinary abilities I also decided to enter the baking world and these lovely Devil`s Chocolate cupcakes are a highlight of this!!

Delicious Devil`s Chocolate Cup-Cakes

Delicious Devil`s Chocolate Cup-Cakes


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