Change in mood!


Abundance of floral beauty from a cactus!

Abundance of floral beauty from a cactus!

Hello Folk!

Has been a while since I blogged…sometimes it is difficult to go back to do something you were so routinely used to do before!

Life is indeed strange  but anyway, I thought I`d share with you my thoughts today: this morning I woke up not so happy as it`s dull and gloomy outside..indeed at 3pm it felt like 7pm..anyway,  my eye unexpectedly fell on a cactus which I thought was long dead but a truly different sight appeared before me… it was bursting with beautiful pink an  eruption of floral therapy really!

It makes me think really……sometimes we may look at situations or even people who on the surface, seem dreary, boring….not in line with our particular style or likes, but then the Eureka moment happens, our eyes are opened, the heavy mist disappears and we see the true situation or person as they really are!! 🙂 🙂