Kill the Routine!

So lately, hubby and I have decided to embark on a new project. Since we both love to travel and discover new places, we decided to start exploring the counties around which we live in, by visiting a ‘new’ village or town every week.

Swans having fun in St.Ives

Swans having fun in St.Ives

Admittedly sometimes, we don`t manage to go anywhere  during the weekend but when we do, it`s a great feeling, as one has that anticipation… in “Where do we go?”, then ensues some active discussion and after the Decision: “We`ll go that place!” and then the excitement of  finding the map on internet (hubby`s job usually) and driving out into the ‘unknown’…, unfamiliar roads…pretty, little houses clustered together, a stream or river running parallel to the B road  we`re travelling on…little, maybe insignificant things for some, but for us, it`s a break from the usual routine…it`s another place on earth we have discovered!

And in the post you can see two photos of St. Ives, a little market town in Cambridgeshire, taken on a bright, crispy, Sunday early afternoon, just 2 weeks ago.

Tree in the Middle

Tree in the Middle


2 thoughts on “Kill the Routine!

  1. That’s a wonderful idea! 🙂 Where I live, most places are pretty far to drive to, but I can see some mini-trips in our future. It’s great to explore the area around you and find these little sparkles worth a return visit!

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment. We love exploring new places, but sometimes it`s not always possible to go on long trips, so we figured that we could explore some of the area around where we live and imagine we travelled afar! It does work!! 🙂 🙂

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