One year and still going…

One Year!

One Year!

Tomorrow diaryofanewife celebrates it`s first birthday, since  it`s now been a year, since the first day when I jotted down some thoughts in the blogospere. This was the first year of married life for me too and it has been quite a tough one I can say, not due to married life per se but because of external factors which impact on us both individually and this of course projects a negative effect which we have to deal with.

So, the motto I learnt quite literally is…Whatever Life throws at you, Do not Despair or Feel Negative, instead Rebel and Fight back and look at all the lovely things you have: a loving husband, family, friends, and anything which you have which makes you feel good. …..Indeed, a wise friend once told me, “ When you have a problem, do not feel down, instead be happy and take it as a challenge, the challenge being that you have a brain which you will use to overcome any adverse circumstances and indeed, turn it to your advantage”…..

What do you think my friends? Can we all live up the motto above??


Camilla Rose


2 thoughts on “One year and still going…

  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary.Of course we can overcome lifes challenges. Thinking of you and happy christmas and new year to you and your family. love rose x

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