Welcome 2013 and it`s challenges!

Happy New Year 2013 to all my followers! I wish you a year full of wonderful things, good health and happiness!

As I scrolled through all the blogs I usually follow, most of them were of course focussing on the New Year and some were analysing 2012. Well, I think an appropriate post for the start of a New Year is to briefly discuss this book:

Bear Grylls

To me, Bear Grylls is an explorer, an adventurer, normally known to do some daring things..I had not previously come across any of his books, so since I  found it at our local library last December and as a bonus it looked pretty brand new and unused, I decided to give it a go!

There are 75 chapters in all. Each chapter is quite short and opens with a few, key, punchy statements. The author recounts several difficult moments in his life and how he tackled them…it very much focusses on the attitude and behaviour one needs to adopt in life, to embrace it`s struggles and emerge as a winner and a much stronger person than ever before!

Some of my favourite pieces include:

Chapter 1- Have a Dream: “Dreams are powerful. They are among those precious few intangibles that have inspired men and women to get up, go to hell and back and change the world”.

Chapter 11- There is no education like adversity: ” It is a cliche`, but it`s true: diamonds are formed under pressure. And without the pressure, they simply remain lumps of coal.

Chapter 12- Know Yourself- “Above the gates at Delphi, a short inscription greeted every weary traveller: Know thyself.”

Chapter 20- Dreams require sacrifice “ Success requires sacrifice. Get used to it.”

Chapter 30- Storms make you stronger “ The time to shine is when it is darkest.”

Chapter 74-Crisis = Danger + Opportunity  ” Opportunity will be hidden among the chaos. Storms clean the oceans, winds carry seeds.

And with that, I leave you to plough through the new year…may the words above offer you some inspiration and direction!


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