Borgen- The Government

When days are cold and dreary and of course,  the snow makes it impossible to seek entertainment elsewhere, we amuse ourselves by watching a double bill of Borgen! So what’s that?  It is a Danish series which focusses on the daily toils of a very bright female prime minister who has to deal with a coalition government, is pursued by the media and unscrupulous politicians and has to battle through her private life and manages to come out smiling at the end of it.

Borgen Season 2From

Borgen Season 2
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At a first instance, you  may wonder…How can this be interesting at all? Probably it`s about high-powered individuals who have loads of cups of coffee, fancy banquets and decide peoples` fates…it`s not like that at all. First of all, Mrs Nyborg is very much a strong-willed woman, with a young family. Due to the increasing pressures of the role,  she becomes a workaholic and her husband decides to leave her and asks for divorce. Then one of her children becomes very ill and gathers quite alot of media attention. So of course, her cup is quite full!

Borgen is not only about the prime minister, but also deals with people around her like her spin doctor and members of the press and  fellow politicians. We see very much the projected image of these people and then have an insight into their private life, where there is so much going on, that it`s a small wonder how they keep on at the game. This of course, makes you wonder and think that it could be very similar for real-life politicians!

Mrs NyborgImage downloaded from

Mrs Nyborg
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We actually saw the first series last year, so this second series continues, but you`re never bored and the script is cleverly written and moreover, the storyline is realistic. The prime minister ‘s character is believable, human and empathetic and let`s hope some real-life politicians follow her model!

Have you watched it? If so, what are your thoughts?


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