Venice Break!

I`ve been missing from the blogwaves for a while now…the reason is purely that I recently changed my job…and from one, I am now trying to juggle 3 part-times (which generally tend to eat up the weekend) and of course on top of that, actually strive to be a model wife too! : )

However, as you may imagine, this is not  very simple  to achieve, so in order to manage, I  sometimes have to give up my ‘me time‘ which this blog is part of…but I`ve now returned, and hope to be able to post a bit more often…

Ah, a big thanks to those of you who are still following me and also I see there are some newcomers too! Welcome On Board!

So, last month, in an attempt to ensure that I don`t lose my sanity with this continual working mode, and also, as a very belated Christmas pressie to my other half…..we decided to take a very brief vacation in Venice! I`ve never been before, though hubby had visited with his parents as a child…so I was really looking forward to the very brief four days.

On arrival, we sped off from the airport in a water bus which takes you directly to the city of canals, majestic buildings, gondolas (technically, in Italian, this should be gondole) and fantastic masks…

Here are some of the best shots we took..enjoy and let me know what you think!!

ge of the prisoners entered the dungeons.

Bridge of the prisoners entered the dungeons…you can still hear them faintly!

Magnificent Venice

Magnificent Venice!

Take me on a gondola ride please!

Take me on a gondola ride please!

Doge`s Palace

Doge`s Palace

Lovely Array of Venitian Masks

Lovely Array of Venetian Masks and Murano Glass…