Destination Warwickshire- Part 1

The castlemania continues…so last month I planned a surprise birthday treat for dear Mr M. I was very discreet of course, so he never had the slightest clue…..until I presented him with the following plan:





In order to be part of the activities you must pack an overnight bag and once you have done as instructed, relax, abandon your woes and take up your knight`s armour and helmet and think about where you`d like to be…

CLUE 1: Let`s travel together to the Reign of  Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of King Henry VIII…this is where the journey will take you on your first activity!

Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Then, once your explore the land, you will relax fully in a quaint place and have a nourishing meal and the day will end as you wish it to!

Once you are fully rested, refreshed and ready to affront a new day, we shall journey together once more to another place, (CLUE 2 ) further in time than Elizabeth I`s Reign, and considered the seat of a family who changed British history and played a major part in the War of the Roses…somewhere where only the very strongest and wealthiest in England lived..…have you guessed?


…………………………THE END or just the beginning?




So, can you guess where the first clue took us to?

The answer to the first clue is Kenilworth Castle and the Elizabethan Gardens in Warwickshire.

Elizabethan Gardens

Elizabethan Gardens

Unfortunately most of the castle has been destroyed, but there is still plenty to see and Leicester`s Gatehouse is still intact and there are several rooms and exhibitions which you can explore as well as the garden.

Leicester Gatehouse

Leicester Gatehouse

Further information can be found via this link:

As we were walking to the castle, I couldn`t help taking a quick photo of the facade of this cute little cottage!!

Tudor cottage

Tudor Cottage


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