Closed for Refurbishment…et voila`..a black swan!

Last week we set our for an eagerly awaited day-trip to Audley End..the day was bright though nippy..but off we sped to the grand house and gardens.

Walking through the gardens...

Walking through the gardens…

At the entrance we were greeted by an apologetic guard who said that the house was closed until the spring due to major refurbishment work (I did say to our luck!!), so we could only gain access to the servants` quarters and the gardens. However all was not lost, since we strolled round the servants` quarters..saw the gigantic kitchen, the dairy and prowled around the gardens in the fresh English countryside air..

We managed to see a few sights..and here are some of our snap-shots…

Off you go to the kitchen!

Off you go to the kitchen and bake pies for The Family!

A massive oven to bake many a pie and cakes!


What an Oven mate!

We also saw a magnificent black swan and a very friendly Shire horse!

The Friendly Shire horse

The Friendly Shire horse!

The Black Swan

The Black Swan!


Another Year Has Faded Away…

Christmas and New Year festivities are now over and only a pleasant, recent memory…and a new very busy year has already just started…

For us, 2013 was a different kind of year.. we traveled quite a lot .. key destinations included: Venice, Berlin, Malta (3 times) and Gran Canaria.. and for me it was decidedly  a ‘work-oriented’ year too as I changed jobs earlier in 2013 and now doing a medley of very interesting  jobs, as well as all domestic duties a good wife needs to do! 🙂 …. and this is why I could not write very often as most of the time, even in the weekends,  I was trying to balance everything out and the scales often tipped towards the duty and domestic measure!

Christmas Tree in Faded Light...

Christmas Tree in Faded Light…

I would like to thank all those of you who persisted in remaining my followers and also who sent me emails/comments..I truly appreciate your support and promise that this Year i.e. 2014, I will make an extra effort to write at least once a month!!

Let`s see whether I can keep up this New Year Resolution!!

Red Ribbon on  Xmas tree

Red Ribbon on Xmas tree

All The Very Best to You  All and Your Families!

Camilla Rose x