Another Year Has Faded Away…

Christmas and New Year festivities are now over and only a pleasant, recent memory…and a new very busy year has already just started…

For us, 2013 was a different kind of year.. we traveled quite a lot .. key destinations included: Venice, Berlin, Malta (3 times) and Gran Canaria.. and for me it was decidedly  a ‘work-oriented’ year too as I changed jobs earlier in 2013 and now doing a medley of very interesting  jobs, as well as all domestic duties a good wife needs to do! 🙂 …. and this is why I could not write very often as most of the time, even in the weekends,  I was trying to balance everything out and the scales often tipped towards the duty and domestic measure!

Christmas Tree in Faded Light...

Christmas Tree in Faded Light…

I would like to thank all those of you who persisted in remaining my followers and also who sent me emails/comments..I truly appreciate your support and promise that this Year i.e. 2014, I will make an extra effort to write at least once a month!!

Let`s see whether I can keep up this New Year Resolution!!

Red Ribbon on  Xmas tree

Red Ribbon on Xmas tree

All The Very Best to You  All and Your Families!

Camilla Rose x


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