Another Year Has Faded Away…

Christmas and New Year festivities are now over and only a pleasant, recent memory…and a new very busy year has already just started…

For us, 2013 was a different kind of year.. we traveled quite a lot .. key destinations included: Venice, Berlin, Malta (3 times) and Gran Canaria.. and for me it was decidedly  a ‘work-oriented’ year too as I changed jobs earlier in 2013 and now doing a medley of very interesting  jobs, as well as all domestic duties a good wife needs to do! 🙂 …. and this is why I could not write very often as most of the time, even in the weekends,  I was trying to balance everything out and the scales often tipped towards the duty and domestic measure!

Christmas Tree in Faded Light...

Christmas Tree in Faded Light…

I would like to thank all those of you who persisted in remaining my followers and also who sent me emails/comments..I truly appreciate your support and promise that this Year i.e. 2014, I will make an extra effort to write at least once a month!!

Let`s see whether I can keep up this New Year Resolution!!

Red Ribbon on  Xmas tree

Red Ribbon on Xmas tree

All The Very Best to You  All and Your Families!

Camilla Rose x


Welcome 2013 and it`s challenges!

Happy New Year 2013 to all my followers! I wish you a year full of wonderful things, good health and happiness!

As I scrolled through all the blogs I usually follow, most of them were of course focussing on the New Year and some were analysing 2012. Well, I think an appropriate post for the start of a New Year is to briefly discuss this book:

Bear Grylls

To me, Bear Grylls is an explorer, an adventurer, normally known to do some daring things..I had not previously come across any of his books, so since I  found it at our local library last December and as a bonus it looked pretty brand new and unused, I decided to give it a go!

There are 75 chapters in all. Each chapter is quite short and opens with a few, key, punchy statements. The author recounts several difficult moments in his life and how he tackled them…it very much focusses on the attitude and behaviour one needs to adopt in life, to embrace it`s struggles and emerge as a winner and a much stronger person than ever before!

Some of my favourite pieces include:

Chapter 1- Have a Dream: “Dreams are powerful. They are among those precious few intangibles that have inspired men and women to get up, go to hell and back and change the world”.

Chapter 11- There is no education like adversity: ” It is a cliche`, but it`s true: diamonds are formed under pressure. And without the pressure, they simply remain lumps of coal.

Chapter 12- Know Yourself- “Above the gates at Delphi, a short inscription greeted every weary traveller: Know thyself.”

Chapter 20- Dreams require sacrifice “ Success requires sacrifice. Get used to it.”

Chapter 30- Storms make you stronger “ The time to shine is when it is darkest.”

Chapter 74-Crisis = Danger + Opportunity  ” Opportunity will be hidden among the chaos. Storms clean the oceans, winds carry seeds.

And with that, I leave you to plough through the new year…may the words above offer you some inspiration and direction!

Christmas Greetings!

In a few days it will be Christmas and most of us tend to celebrate this occasion with the family, amidst tonnes of food and drink and merry banter! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for this festive season from adiaryofanewife and many thanks for following the blog and your supportive comments!

2012 Christmas Wreath

The photo above shows this year`s Christmas decoration which I placed on our front door- a bit different to the one we had last year, which you can see here:

What do you think? Which do you prefer?

New Year Resolutions

NY resolutions…undoubtedly, they need to be mentioned, within the first week of the new year. Most people also decide they want to do something different at the the start of the year, buy a new car, change house, get married, go away on a long trip, write a book or a blog! etc. I have come up with a few NY resolutions, which I do hope I will keep up…here goes..

1. Now that I have this new blog, I want to update it, at least once a week. Everytime I update it, there should be a pic or some inspiring verses to go with it. Hopefully, people will contribute too with positive comments!

2. Home is home-if I bring work home, it should not put extra stress on me and definitely not affect my mood- biggest challenge ever!!

3. Do 30 mins of aerobic exercise, everyday!

Anyway, three little NY resolutions..nothing major,but the challenge has begun!

Ah, we need to put the Christmas decorations away but I  solidly refuse to do so today…will leave them for another week!! Will miss my Mr Reindeer and Mr Snowman!!!

Mr Snowman

Mr Snowman

The New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012 the New Year has just begun..first 5 days have already swept by! The prospect of another year of gruelling work, constant stress and austere measures paint a hideous spectre by the media propoganda…..It`s hot on the press…we`re up to our necks wedged in a muddy recession with millions of people borrowing money on a daily basis just to cover their daily expenses… but hey, I want to rebel against all this darkness and throw a bunch of flowers in the air and shout STOP!!!!! an antithesis…we`re beginning a new year, where everything may be possible- things can actually get better in life, and we also should do better ourselves, as doing good is a positive experience for the giver as well as the receiver and people are so thirsty for some proper good news instead of this constant wrapping on about the acute bleakness and misery!

So with this spirit, I suggest that you look back at 2011 and jot down, month by month, what positive experiences you have had- how your life was enlightened in a minor or major way…and also your plans for 2012- what you would like to achieve, little things and other larger ones… this is a little exercise I used to do when I was single which always made me feel positive and full of hope and now with my hubby I have 2 lists- things I have achieved alone and with him. And this is the key, embracing what life gives us with an open mind and heart and not being afraid to set our own trends instead of following dumb-witted celebs who although are swimming in money and can do so much good with it, lack basic common sense and squander their goods on frivolousness and nothingness!!!

A little philosophical message from me with this new blog which I hope to keep up in 2012 and a small gift (see pic) for the eyes and soul…once again, have a GREAT year everyone!


Mr Reindeer

Mr Reindeer- The Ideal Companion!

1st Day After Christmas- or Boxing Day!

All is slow and peaceful….whilst reflecting on The Kingdom of Heaven (great cast!) with a large glass of Martini in my hands….life is at a standstill..sitting on the sofa, surrounded by amiable company, lots of chat: some serious and some bantering, opening presents (that`s my best part!), gossip and some good advice..a pleasant walk in the wintry UK countryside..dvds and games!

Nothing better in life, than being at home and just relaxing and feeling Christmassy and of course, seeing Mr M excel in the kitchen, whilst I try to be the perfect hostess…Yeah, a few more days of this please!!

Christmas Budgeting!

Christmas Budgeting!

Christmas Spending!

Yes, I`ve said it! It looks quite Scroogey really but it`s of a paramount importance in my opinion, otherwise you`ll end up with January Blues!!

Recently, I came across an article in one of the ladies`magazines and it featured several women (non-celebs). There was a story about each one with a photo of each one of them. The article  discussed their approach to Christmas preparations and also how they plan and budget for Christmas! It never really occurred to me to set a Christmas budget and I`m never sure how much I spend for Christmas, so I thought it was a good article and made quite a lot of sense, in these austere times and would demonstrate my new managing-wife skills!

It was quite interesting that one of the women spent  £20k whilst another one only a thrifty £157!  The lady who spent the most, looked very normal and not extravagant-looking (though she was a successful business woman). I mean this is in a good way of course and also all the rest were well-dressed and you could not really guess how much they spend by just looking at them!

Anyway, I am collecting all receipts to see how much my Christmas expenses work out to be- this year I am into entertaining guests and not so much gift-buying but anyway it`s worth a try. I hope I won`t score as much ast the 20k lady- that would give Mr M a sure heart-attack but I already know that I won`t score as low at the one who spent £157!

THE IDEAL Christmas gift!

My Self-Christmas Pressie 2011!

My Self-Christmas Pressie 2011!

This may be a little cliche`- so many articles in magazines and newspapers  written at this time of the year, geared at customers trying to choose a gift for others (and for oneself). So I say, there are some basic rules which one needs to know before they set off to Christmas shopping:

1. Before you go out shopping or start your online search, you need to have a list of gifts you are going to buy.

2.Divide the list into appropriate sections- relatives, close and not so close, friends, partners, children, work colleagues etc.

3. Set a budget for each gift- min price and max price and this is final.

4. Then proceed to the shops or browse the net.

5. As you search, you may find that you can easily grab that particular item you were thinking of and the shopping goes really smoothly- however this may not be the case for every single gift.

6. If you can`t decide what to give him or her, then visualize the person, in the ambient you know him/her. Think of any recent conversations and what they had in their house or office when you last visited. Does the person dress in a particular way? Does the person have any particular likes/activities? What about gift vouchers? All these are tips which come in handy whilst selecting the ideal and dare I say likeable gift- at least this is what I do!

7. Don`t forget to buy a little something for yourself whilst you are doing the Christmas shopping, in case you don`t get any Christmas gifts this year!- I have already bought my own special Christmas pressie- A Kindle!

PS 1 I hope Mr M does not forget my present- I have not even bought his either but have come up with a little plan this week! 🙂

PS 2 This is not the actual photo of my kindle but it looks like this exactly!

8 days before Christmas!

The Christmas Wreath 2011

This morning- weekly supermarket shop! Gosh! I believe that people lose their humanity with no sense of a Christmas spirit- the shop floor becomes Battle of the Trolleys grounds! Nasty men shout at women to ‘come on and move away from there’ if they are chatting merrily in an aisle (which is perfectly true- people should not really block an aisle but there is a polite way to address people!).Mothers with an army of pushchairs and babies are like an island in the middle of the swarming trolley-force and then you get the grabbing and shoving!

So, with that experience over,  I decided I needed some cheering up- must admit, although I`m a shopaholic, I am not a big fan of supermarket shopping and I am one of those people who uses online shopping quite often (especially when I`m working)- the drawback is that they substitute with stuff which is useless for you!

Anyway, I was determined to get myself a nice wreath for our front door! Having driven home and placed all my items in their right place, I set out to the weekly market and found my wreath finally! Then, using a little imagination, I decided to add a little artistic whiff to complete its look and now it`s exhibited on our front door- hope no one pinches it though! 😦