Change in mood!


Abundance of floral beauty from a cactus!

Abundance of floral beauty from a cactus!

Hello Folk!

Has been a while since I blogged…sometimes it is difficult to go back to do something you were so routinely used to do before!

Life is indeed strange  but anyway, I thought I`d share with you my thoughts today: this morning I woke up not so happy as it`s dull and gloomy outside..indeed at 3pm it felt like 7pm..anyway,  my eye unexpectedly fell on a cactus which I thought was long dead but a truly different sight appeared before me… it was bursting with beautiful pink an  eruption of floral therapy really!

It makes me think really……sometimes we may look at situations or even people who on the surface, seem dreary, boring….not in line with our particular style or likes, but then the Eureka moment happens, our eyes are opened, the heavy mist disappears and we see the true situation or person as they really are!! 🙂 🙂 




Things happen for a reason!

Flowering Cactus

Flowering Cactus

So, this weekend, dear friends its all wet and raining and cold and all I feel like is curling up on the sofa and dozing off…..very different from last week`s weather where the sun was shining brightly and we went out for nice long walks!

This week, at least three people told me

Things happen for a reason“.

And I`m kind of haunted by this. Most say its God`s Will, some say its Fate and others try to look at the celestial  paths of the astrological world but I ask, if we don`t get what we want, then do we have to keep on trying or just give up and move with the flow?

So my thought for today is precisely that when stuff happens there is some detailed plan somewhere which will be revealed at a later stage and ironically, hadn`t I come along to the UK for my studies, I would never have met my dear hubby and would probably never have started this blog as a new wife (eerie no)!!!

And if you`re wondering what the cactus is? Well, its my kind of idea of life in general….. you must be tough and resistant like the cactus plant but also sweet and lovely like the pink what do you think? Does this make sense to you? 🙂

I have had a look at other people`s blogs and the ones who are like mine or follow my blog….I just like to see who they are….and there is real talent out there…and its a great community of people who share their views or particular phase in life, with the world in general. Most update their blogs several times a week but I like to have something very special to communicate with my readers and not just write for the sake of it (although I love doing this and if someone wants to give me a job doing just this, then bring it on!) so everyone, hope you enjoy this little thought of the day (or week)…something happened to you recently, maybe its unexpected? there is a reason out there- find it but don`t waste time ruminating on what happened!

A Touch of Red!

A touch of red on Valentine`s Day

A touch of red on Valentine`s Day

A total difference from a couple of weeks ago- the sun is streaming through my window as I write this and I bathe in the light of the the glorious sunshine! I guess the One in the sky heard my plea!!!!

So, last week I didn`t manage to update my blog and in a week I actually broke my 3 new year resolutions! So besides not writing in my blog, I also brought tonnes of work home which had me typing away on Sunday night and of course, all the exercise regimes went out of the window too!

You may also wonder whether hubby actually remembered  our 1st Valentine`s Day as man and wife….yes he did with a bunch of lovely red roses on the 14th and a card and a great meal on Saturday 18th and let`s face it- Valentine`s Day should fall on a Saturday as its grossly inconvenient when it falls in the middle of super-busy week!

And you can see a pic of  my Valentine`s Day bouquet- the white flowers in the background belong to another bouquet which he recently gave me too as flowers do tend to sweeten my mood after a day of toil!

Wedding Photos

A Little Wedding Memento

Today, whilst it was snowing merrily outside and I was so happy to be in my cosy little house I decided to do a little task, which admittedly has been at the back of my mind for several weeks now (since the wedding day really!), so I decided to be brave and take the bull by its horns…my Herculean mission was to go through a CD of 500 photos depicting the precious moments of our wedding..the preparation, ceremony and reception and choose the best 140 for enlargement and incorporation into the wedding album.

My task was to go through each and every one of them and ask myself ” Do I really wants this in my wedding album?- how will it look, 3 times the actual size of this current pic?” So, I started around midday and did not stop until 9pm!! And all I yearn for just now, after my task has been successfully completed (although there are still finishing touches to made and an article to write about my wedding, which has been accepted in a wedding mag- yipee!)…anyway, all I want is a nice glass of port and a mince-pie, or maybe two!

This is the start of a new life as a married woman!

So, it`s been a month and a half now, my lovely wedding to my beloved Mr M. We got married in a memorable ceremony on the Island of Malta, followed by a reception in a renovated 16th century palace with family and close friends. After, we sailed the skies to Singapore and Southern Thailand!

It was so amazing! Lush forests, shimmering waters,  so warm and pleasant to bathe in. The friendly locals, always ready to help and of course the interesting Tuk-Tuk!!  We also fed and took care of gentle giants- such a pleasurable sensation to be around them- the Thai elephants in Khao Sok National Park- the experience of a lifetime!

Post-honeymoon phase, we`re back in the UK- cold and dull and such a shock from the 28oC we had got used to!!

The serious bits starts now- thoughts about the future of us as man and wife. And then there`s the perhaps obvious question:

How should we tackle married life?  What is the secret ingredient for a ‘happily ever after and beyond?’

What is married life really about?- being there for each other everyday- renewing the love with new ideas, surprises- keeping it all aflame!

Here it starts and I hope it will progress and strengthen as we go along through this new life-journey, this married life!

A poem written to commemorate my honeymoon and precious happy days….


Jade, lush green

Reigns supreme,

Generating an exquisite trance,

An ephemeral quality,

Displaced from the daily strife,

Opening the jaws,

Of an unclaimed jungle,

A planned escape-

Neatly executed… indeed an altered state

Meets the mind,

Captivating the soul,

Wooing with childish fantasies

A fertile,

Abounding scene,

Obliterating anything obscene.