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The Owner belongs to Mrs Camilla Rose. All thoughts expressed in the posts are the sole intellectual property of Mrs Rose and any attempt to reproduce these without permission is against copyright laws. Images shown on the website also belong to the Mrs Rose.

Mrs Rose does not copy images/videos from external sources EXCEPT if these images are helping to illustrate and enhance a particular argument which would be helpful to the reader and make the post more interesting. If indeed pictures are obtained from alternative sources, this is acknowledged in the post.

Posts may contain information on films, news items and products and sometimes links are included in the posts to help illustrate a particular concept or argument. There is no financial gain to Mrs Rose and the posts are based on personal opinion ONLY.

The Website

This website is hosted free of charge by As a result of this, advertisements are sometimes shown on

There is however no income generated from these adverts to the owner ie Mrs Camilla Rose.

The Reader

Readers of  this blog are encouraged to comment on the posts. However the owner reserves the right to edit any comments which may be deemed offensive to Mrs Rose and other readers.

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